Finding joy in the small things

Social Distancing Day 7.

The world is at a standstill and for anyone who isn’t used to being confined to your house or apartment, it can be a shock to the system having to drop everything and just stay put. It’s amazing how everyone is reacting so differently.

Whether you’re one of the ones clearing out grocery store shelves, avoiding social distancing by still “socializing” with friends or playing it safe and only going out for necessities, it tells a lot about a person in the way they react to a pandemic. If we didn’t know who doesn’t listen, we know now.

Considering no one has ever experienced this before, we are learning as we go. States following the actions of other states. Our country learning from the mistakes of other countries. Regardless, it’s a moment for us all to reflect on life. Some are losing jobs, security and the comforts of a steady paycheck plus access to food but there are so many others who are relying on communities to be responsible. It’s been heavy on my mind to just talk about it all. I honestly don’t know the real point of this blog post but sometimes it’s therapeutic to just write it all out.

I’ve been home, only leaving when I have to and yes a bit stir crazy but comforted by the fact that I’ve really limited my connection to people. But there is fear. Real fear that’s stemmed from personal reasons, family health, safety and job security. A home that’s close to being built, an economy that’s suffering and no real end to this madness.

I’m relying on things that I do know. I know I want to stay healthy, I know my dog Gatsby LOVES having me home and I know that there is a reason for this.

What’s there to do when you’re home for days, weeks possibly months at a time?

  • Read those books that were on your shelf waiting to be opened. I’ve been obsessed with Paula Brackston – her “Found Things” series is sooo good!
  • Paint that painting that has sat as an empty canvas or a blank piece of paper.
  • Sleep. Catch up on sleep and give yourself those zzz’s you deserve.
  • Try a new skincare routine. Pick out your favorite mask and have a quarantine-approved spa day.
  • Take a hot shower. It’s my secret stress reliever and my husband laughs how much I love them, but it’s true — hot water can help you wind down.
  • Play a game! I can’t get enough of dominoes and Uno 🙂
  • Spring cleaning and household chores that we like to ignore! Disinfect those countertops and get loads of laundry done that was pushed to the side.
  • Write intentions. My grandma always tells me that the power of intentions is real. She writes in her journal every night and it’s something I’ve been wanting to try.
  • Watch YouTube videos. One thing that hasn’t really changed is digital content. I’m really loving Mindy Minx, Abigail’s Cup of Tea, Les Do Makeup, Claudia Sulewski and RawBeautyKristi.
  • Take vitamins! Vitamin C everyday is essential and a great way to start your day. Emergen-C’s Immune+ and Liv On’s Vitamin C are my go-to choices.
  • Drink a cup of tea or coffee. Chamomile is amazing! I came across a post that’s so true: The act of making a cup of tea or coffee can be more calming than drinking it.
  • Stay active! Yoga with Adriene on Youtube is so powerful and can really change your frame of thinking and mindset for a healthy outlook on the day.
  • Get creative! Write a blog post, film a video or find another way to create an outlet for creative content.
  • Brain exercises! Sudoku, crossword puzzles and word searches are some of my favorite ways to pass the time.
  • Play with your pets! They’ve been waiting for this day and for a game of fetch and cuddles.
  • Go for a walk. Luckily my mom has an open field out front where we are staying that is the perfect place some peaceful outdoor time. It makes all the difference when cooped up all day.

What are some positive things & lessons to come of this? 

  • The world is healing. The masses of people in each city was overwhelming for our environment to say the least. Less car emissions with people at home leads to cleaner air and cleaner water resources!
  • We are learning to live with less to hopefully become more appreciative of what we have in the future.
  • Thinking of others. We are being more mindful of our neighbors. Our fellow elderly and immune-compromised humans who means so much to so many.
  • We are forced to SLOW DOWN. We literally can’t go just anywhere right now so we are left to take things day by day and allow ourselves to do nothing more often.
  • We are saving money. We aren’t tempted with trips to the mall or the movies, we are saving our money for necessities and getting our priorities in check for smarter spending.
  • Our world is learning hard lessons on how to better protect and provide for the people so we are more prepared for global crisis.

Stay safe and healthy friends,



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