What I learned in 2019

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2020 so time for a quick moment of reflection. I already created my vision board for this year and it got me thinking about what my resolutions were last year. Resolutions and intentions are helpful when looking at the year as a whole and can serve as little reminders!

  • Healthy diets go a long way – I had a series of little scares with food sensitivities and high glucose levels that made me want to adjust what I was putting into my body. I learned that egg and/or nuts in baked goods (still figuring that part out) didn’t make me feel so great so I cut those out and stopped eating eggs in April of 2019. See my Food Sensitivity blog post for more on why! I had a minor slip-up with a Barnes and Noble chocolate chip cookie (the little devil LOL) but won’t be making that mistake again. I was thankfully able to keep sugar levels low the rest of the year when I cut out the majority of daily sugar intake and boy did that make me feel good! It’s amazing how much extra body fat you shed when you get rid of junk you don’t really need especially when paired with a consistent fitness routine. Cutting out sugar alone helped shed at least 5 pounds and I haven’t been this weight since high school! That being said — I still indulge every now and then without punishing myself because what’s the fun in having ZERO fun foods especially when it involves chips and queso… a true Texas staple.
  • Not letting anxiety define me – This year, I was committed to driving a bit more, doing more solo things and getting out of my comfort zone. Anxiety kept me home but I was done making excuses and refused to let this be a reason for me to have another night in. Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE a good snuggle sesh at home with a good movie and warm blanket but sometimes it’s nice to get out for a quick drink or quality time with good girlfriends. It’s really empowering when you can look back and see just how much time you’ve taken for YOU. I even took my first solo flight and work trip to Los Angeles in December which was huge considering airplanes are a huge trigger. When I got home, I can’t begin to explain how amazing it felt to know I found ways to stay calm while being miles away from my ‘safe’ place: with my husband at home with our dog Gatsby.
  • It’s not impossible to save money for the things you want – It’s natural to dream big but sometimes our dreams seem so far fetched and out of reach that we can feel defeated before even trying. My husband and I really focused on saving this year and managed to hit every goal each month! We set aside time to look at our short and longterm budget and went for it. When you don’t let doubts settle and just go for it, it’s all the more possible to save for that special something. Whether it’s saving for a trip, a car, a luxury or in our case… a house! It’s all in arms reach. If anything, it brought us closer together and really kept us in check when thinking about everyday items that we didn’t need to spend our money on.
  • Social media changes and you can too – When I needed a break, I took it. When engagement would drop, I didn’t let it define my account. My community still felt the same and that’s what matters. The end goal was the same – make content that inspires – someone, anyone – whether that was 1 or 1000. Managing an Instagram account can sometimes feel like another job and frankly it can take all the fun out of it when we put pressure on ourselves to post daily and get the holy grail likes that can’t be bought. I posted when I could and created content that I was proud of so I’m happy where things are and plan to grow organically. However long that takes ❤ Who knows, I might even get a whim to start a vlog!
  • Reflect on happy memories to fuel you for new ones – The first thing that comes to mind was seeing Billie Eilish front row at Austin City Limits. I went with my husband and some friends but was able to sneak away for a bit to see her and grabbed some amazing photos (like the ones below!) and sang every song – the crowd was unreal. I grew up on live music so it’s always special when I get to see my favorite artist in person. At the time, I had no idea that I’d see her on a red carpet at a work event just two months later! 🙂
  • Selfcare is your friend – As a beauty and wellness blogger, this wouldn’t be a post about reflection if I didn’t mention selfcare. I had my first HydraFacial in July of 2019 and it changed my skin for the better. Read more about my experience here! I found a day + night routine that worked for me and it helped clear my skin from signs of stress and fatigue. Skincare products can be essential for longterm skin health especially when you find ones that compliment your skin type and sensitivity.
  • Favorite brands of 2019: Biossance, Boscia, DrybarRestart CBD, Pixi Beauty, Alder New York, Amara Lashes and Raeka Beauty.



What were your favorite memories of 2019? Can’t believe we’re in a new DECADE now! Next blog post is What Was On My 2020 Vision Board so stay tuned 😉



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