What are the skin benefits of using tea tree oil?

Naturally as we get older, we start to notice our skin transitioning into new stages of life. In a way, our body is teaching us how to adapt to the environment and our diet, hormones and overall mood can impact how our skin speaks to us. This year, I especially noticed that my skin was starting to shift to a new place and cystic acne wanted to come along for the ride – thanks to hormones and stress 😉

At first, I noticed that cystic acne would come in waves and patches. It wasn’t as simple as putting a pimple patch and calling it a day, it was a deeper problem that needed a pretty specific regimen. I started doing some initial research and found that tea tree oil was especially helpful for acne breakouts and after trying a handful of other products that didn’t work, I found the perfect product that would. Lucky for me, my grandmother is an essential oil wholesaler so it wasn’t a total foreign area to explore. I’d been regularly using lavender oil for stress, anxiety and sleep plus peppermint oil for focus and congestion. Usually when you’re pretty familiar with essential oils it’s easier to know which direction to go when wanting to solve one particular issue.

As a skincare enthusiast, I had options but only one had tea tree oil and at the time, I had an area between my eyebrows that just wouldn’t go away.

QUICK TIP: Biossance has an amazing option that allows customer to try samples of bestsellers before investing in full-size products. I’d already purchased a sample of the Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil and decided to apply onto the pesky patch to see if I saw visible change. Within a day or two, that area had cleared so I started to regularly put it on to help clear leftover acne scarring.

The oil is specifically designed for oily/combination, acne-prone skin and controls excess oil production. I naturally produce a lot of oil so this has been a true saving grace! Biossance’s tea tree oil originates in Australia and calms blemishes and congestion without harsh ingredients. It’s the best way to balance oil production without over drying your skin thanks to Squalane – a natural ingredient for healthy hydration.

The great thing about the balancing oil is that it’s already diluted and safe for your skin so it’s an easy step to implement into your routine and EWG verified as a product with a clean formula. Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that relieves redness and inflammation while reducing and preventing acne scars. For someone in their mid-to-late twenties like myself, it’s a MUST if you’re wanting to go about your day without the irritation of occasional breakouts.

I was able to restock this beauty during Sephora’s latest “20% off sale items” deal (valid through January 1 with code SAVEBIG) and managed to grab Biossance Stay Balanced Duo for $13 – regular $22 (a $32 value) before it sold out! You can still grab the Mini Pore Purifiers sample from Biossance website if you want to try the oil. It’s honestly the best way to test the product on your skin and only $7 with free shipping!

With 2020 around the corner, it’s time for a deep clean! ❤


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