First Impressions: The Jeffree Star Artistry Palette

Morphe’s done it again. Or should I say Jeffree? When I first saw the new Jeffree Star Artistry Palette, I knew it was just the thing for my collection. I had JUST decluttered and sold palettes that didn’t interest me anymore and decided that I’d pause on buying more. BUT, we all know how that goes…

All Jeffree had to do was open it during his launch announcement and my eyes had literal heart eyes 😍 This will definitely be the last palette I purchase for a little while since I’m saving for a house. No regrets here! I’m a sucker for clusters of nudes with bright, bold colors to compliment so – to be fair – it was a smart buy.

I had a full face of makeup (minus eyeshadow) when the package got delivered because I wanted to try this out the second I got it. Lynn, 1985 and Mr. Diva are the best transition shades! I like how this palette can be used for a simple or glam look plus for 30 shades at $35, you get so many options at a good price. ps. You can also purchase using his code (JSTAR) for a discount + Afterpay for interest-free payments. Beauty on a budget!

The colors are in no way patchy and up to Morphe standards so there was never the guessing game period. The kinda moment when you’re not sure if a purchase will disappoint. The worst. With any other influencer, I’d be hesitant to buy but it’s crystal clear that Jeffree knows what he’s talking about when it comes to makeup. Perfectionist meets successful beauty empire and you quickly earn those creds.

The shade names are fun especially the iconic first row: WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL WAND NOISE ✨✨ Does anyone else wanna say this every time they open the palette? No? Me either…. 😂

The infamous gold glitter shade (MILLIONS) is pretty accurate and gorgeous. There is some fallout but expected considering it’s basically loose glitter packed really tightly together. Still stunning and easily makes you feel like a “million” bucks.

Really love CUSTOM RIMS for the inner corner and/or brow highlight. It’s real bright and the best silver shadow. My favorite shade is DOG MOM (any other dog moms out there?) and it pairs perfectly with HONEST TRUTH.

WHAT’S THE TEA? is going to be my fall favorite! Especially with these shimmers: DESIGNER LABEL, ROLLS WITH IT & GLAM RAPIDS 🙌

Basically if you need one palette for the rest of summer (into fall) then yes – this is definitely not a waste of money. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐




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