why I became a beauty blogger

As I got older, I realized the importance of creativity and community. I also realized that the growing beauty industry was an exciting but scary concept. When I first started experimenting with makeup, I used just about anything I could afford. I didn’t really decide based on ingredients or reviews, I decided based on what was the cheapest and most affordable.

I originally created my Instagram feed as an outlet to share my thoughts and discoveries once I started to really focus on what I was putting on my skin. I also created it to help others find skincare and makeup that’s right for them. Mostly because I wish there was an outlet that taught me the importance of clean ingredients so that I’d stopped using the harmful ones sooner.

I also had just purchased my first real camera and the investment really motivated me to create content on a regular basis. I’ve since paid off my camera and over the year that it took to pay it off, it reminded me of how much I enjoyed photography.  Fun fact, I wanted to study photography for a hot minute before realizing public relations was more in tune with my love of writing.

Now that my Instagram and blog is about one year old, it’s less about the perfect photo and more about the experience that I create. I wanted followers to imagine themselves using each product by creating an authentic “real-life” moment.

When I personally see a photo, it’s usually the way it makes me feel that makes me like, buy or follow. I wanted to give others that same feeling. There’s something special about product photography when you can take brands out of this perfectly placed atmosphere and into one that’s surrounded by everyday items like a vanity corner, gorgeous mirror, storage space, household props, latest issue of Cosmo, etc.

Community plays a large part too. You are constantly meeting other content creators that enjoy the same things you like. It gets you out of your shell and comfortable space. It creates this support system and motivates you even more when someone reaches out that your posts meant something to them. That a thought shared is what helped them find a product they love. A product that changed their skin. A product that gave them more confidence, more ME time. After graduating college, I started to experience stress-induced anxiety and realized the impact in being transparent and the impact of selfcare.

There are real people behind accounts on Instagram so I think creating that real experience is essential to growing a following that trusts and supports you. If someone wants to start being a blogger, it has to be less about receiving free product and more about authenticity. It has to show your personality, whatever interests you and whatever you feel is important to share with the world.

Being yourself is the best content there is.


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