Amara Lashes – Best False Eyelashes?

When you wear lashes, chances are you want to make a statement or bring a look to the next level. The worst thing is a pair of lashes that look like they’re made of plastic. With good reason, you naturally want to invest in lashes that are a few things…

Don’t fall apart after one use.

High quality at an affordable price.

Realistic at first glance with a splash of glam.

Safe to wear with no toxic chemicals.

Amara Lashes was created in September of 2018 and I was fortunate to meet founder Kristina through my Instagram page just before she launched. It’s one thing when a brand creates a solid collection from the start, but it’s another when the face behind the products is someone you can 100% support and trust. We all know the bigger lash brands — Lilly Lashes, Velour Lashes, Eylure, Ardell and Sephora… but I generally prefer smaller businesses that quite literally start from the ground up because that’s where you’ll find unseen quality and dedication.

Loafer. Editorial. Transparent. Monochrome. Trés Chic. High Street. Contemporary. D’orsay. Boxy. Duster.

100% 3D Mink. Handmade. 100% Cruelty & Paraben Free.

The unique case caught my eye (you can use empty trays for storing jewelry!) and the reusable bands sold me. If treated carefully and correctly, the lashes can be reused up to 30 times! For $26.99, that’s an incredible deal 😱

My personal favorites are Transparent, High Street and Loafer 💕

The lashes honestly sell themselves and Kristina’s journey is even more inspiring. I never used to be a regular lash user but it’s kinda hard to not be when there are so many stunning styles and they’re based in Austin?! I’m so in! 🖤

Tips for long-lasting lashes

✨ Do not submerge lashes into water.

✨ Gently peel off glue after use. Old glue is nasty glue and can ruin the quality.

✨ Avoid pulling out hairs from the lash band – if one gets pulled, chances are it’s a monopoly effect and others will follow. A follow the leader we don’t want to see 😉

✨ Store in the original case for sanitary reasons and overall shape. Plus don’t they just look gorgeous in there?!

– Peep my latest product shoot with Amara Lashes –

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