Review: DoTerra Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great alternative for a healthy mindset and lifestyle. I’ve experienced anxiety for about 4 years now and it comes in random waves so having these on hand truly provides peace of mind. I love DoTerra roll-ons for this very reason because it’s such a convenient way to take these with you on the go.

My grandmother introduced me to these and ever since I’ve started to use them, I’ve noticed a huge change in my ability to stay calm. I’ve also been looking into some reflexology tips and recently discovered some points below the feet that are connected to different parts of the body. It’s a great way to target your neck, brain/head, digestive system, etc. Great areas to apply are on your wrists and behind the neck. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin so the roll-ons are ready for topical use without diluting. I’ve used these for at least 2 years now and they work just fine that way!

I started with Lavender and it’s my #1 go-to tried and true scent that promotes sleep, improves anxiety and relieves tension. Peace, a reassurance blend, promotes contentment and is great for daytime use especially test days and/or high stress schedules. Calmer is a restful blend of Lavender, Canaga, Buddha Wood and Roman Chamomile to promote a stress-free mood and great before bed behind the neck.

I’m eager to try more of these because the few I use are so helpful and I definitely feel an impact when I use them. If you know someone who sales these wholesale, they typically cost $18-$19. Retail they cost $23-$25.

Do you use essential oils? What are your favorites?


Do you use essential oils? What are your favorites?

I’d love to hear any recommendations!

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