Sevendrops Korean Skincare

The packaging is beautiful and the texture is exquisite.

Based in Seoul, Korea and now available on Amazon! You won’t be disappointed with this gorgeous collection of natural skincare. When the brand reached out to help spread the word about their online Amazon shop, I knew I had to try the products ASAP especially considering how gentle each of the products are on the skin.

After trying Seven Drops Miracle Cleanser ($25), Soapwort Bubble Puryfying Facial Foam ($25) & Immortelle Revital & Radiance Serum ($38), I knew this was an amazing find! The perfect duo: Miracle Cleanser & Facial Foam- an AM & PM cleanser. The Facial Foam is great for early mornings and a quick clean. The Miracle Cleanser transforms from a gel to oil to foam and is perfect for your shower/nightly routine, for a deeper clean.

The star of the show is the Immortelle Serum which has essential oils extracted from the Immortelle flower in Corsica Island, France. A popular European ingredient that helps tighten skin and minimize wrinkles.

It’s not everyday that I get to try Korean skincare so I really enjoyed testing these out and can’t wait to explore more of the brand. I’m impressed so far and grateful that Sevendrops reached out because I truly love discovering and supporting brands that have great quality and affordability.

Highly recommend checking out their Amazon shop by searching “Sevendrops” and if you have Amazon Prime, enjoy free two-day shipping on the products!

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