Custom Hair Care? Does it really work?

When I received my first Prose box, it was absolutely gorgeous and the simplicity of it all was so eye-catching. Pops of color and personalized touches on every label made this hair care set so special. When I buy products, I honestly don’t even know where to begin. There are so many things that factor into what can work and what works best for your hair, but Prose does that work for you.

You start by answering a series of questions that perfectly targets the right system. A complete set of shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask. The essentials for healthy hair! The questionnaire took less than 5 minutes to complete and allowed you to note if you preferred gluten-free and/or vegan products. It also gives you helpful tips and recommendations along the way in case you’re just not sure!

As you can see, my set is customized based on my hair type (which is straight) plus my areas of improvement aka occasional dandruff, my lifestyle and everyday habits which sometimes consists of outdoor workouts and my geographic location to consider environmental trends in the Austin area that can make my hair behave the way it does.

My custom formula has a mix of some amazing ingredients including fermented rice water, castor seed oil, Vitamine F forte, sunflower seed oil, pistachio oil, arginine plus jujube bark, prebiotics and wintergreen extract to help cleanse the scalp!

The experience has been so special and the personalization of it all is a new way to look and feel beautiful. My hair has felt so amazing since I’ve started using Prose and my scalp is especially seeing a huge difference thanks to the weekly hair mask.

When you order, shipping is free and your purchase is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The added protection is a nice touch, but honestly you’re bound to love it.

Your name is printed on every bottle because at the end of the day, these products are meant for you in every way.


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