Review: Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection Sprinkle Pool Brush Set

There’s nothing like a colorful collab to start a new season!


My goal is to start posting regularly again and what better way to start then with the cutest collab we’ve seen in a while! Museum of Ice Cream and Sephora collaborated to create the cutest collection of makeup essentials playing on the theme of ice cream, sprinkles and all things sweet. One product particularly caught my eye, but we can’t forget the other goodies that are available for a limited-time:


Dream Team Pigment Palette $42, Rainbow Sherbet Lashes $18, I SCREAM Charm Bracelet $28, Sugar Wafer Face Palette $36, Let Them Eat Popsicles Lip Set $34 and my absolute favorite… Sprinkle Pool Brush Set $64.

The collection launched on Thursday, September 20 just 3 days after my birthday so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! The brush set instantly caught my eye and I just knew it was something worth adding to my beauty space. The colorful detailing and unique case was worth every penny and the brushes are incredibly soft. The perfect combination: 3 face brushes and 2 eye brushes, it was just too good!


What really sold me was how versatile the cluth could be. You don’t have to just use it to store brushes! After all… why would you want to hide those cute handles?! You can use it as a pop of color, a statement piece and really just a conversation starter that’s bound to take any ensemble up a few notches.


Did you buy any part of this collection? I would love to hear your thoughts! Meanwhile, I’m still swooning over this adorable set ❀️🍦

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