Review: Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Zodiac Collection

Retrogade Season is here and it’s putting us (or me) in the mood for all things Zodiac so when Kathleen Lights announced her new collab with Colourpop, I knew I needed at least a part of it.

It’s takes a lot, morel like slim to none, for me to buy an entire collection because I’m so particular on color schemes, but I fell in love with The Zodiac Shadow Palette and Lux Lipstick in “What’s Your Sign?” and I’m more than pleased with both purchases!


The Zodiac palette is gorgeous in every way. The packaging is so detailed and beautifully designed! I love how they incorporated each zodiac sign and I’m especially loving how vibrant The Gemini and The Leo are for a pop of shine.

You’ll see by the swatches, which were only done with one swipe, that each shadow has extreme pigment. The mattes all have a moment to shine in their own way. As a Virgo, I’m bummed that shade is a dull brown color. I’m typically not a fan of brown shadows. Totally would have preferred a pop of pink or silver instead!


The Lux Lipstick has gorgeous embossed stars that match well with the rest of the collection. I really love how this nude lipstick goes with any ensemble. It’s a buttery formula that really hydrates the lips! The other Lux Lipstick in the collection is called Scorpio Moon and was too much on the plum side for me to be intrigued. I usually stray away from lipsticks with hints of purple and pink so no surprise there!


The collection is the best of the season in my opinion!

Major props to Colourpop for always providing the beauty community with a range of products that are so incredibly affordable! I wish we had more access to these products in person, but totally get that the prices would increase if that were to happen.

Big congrats to Kathleen Lights for another amazing collab! I’ve always found her products to be spot on with her brand and exactly what the makeup industry needs. Hope everyone’s summer is going great! Meanwhile in Texas, we are trying to keep cool because these high temps are no joke ☀️

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