REVIEW: Clarisonic’s Mia 2 Blend x Cleanse Holiday Gift Set 🎄

Christmas came early! I’ve been wanting a Clarisonic for YEARS, but always made an excuse as to why this purchase could wait. I saw this gift set (THANKS TO AN INSTAGRAM AD THAT OBVIOUSLY WORKED 😂) and knew I just had to have it. Thanks to my lovely fiancé I now have one! ❤️

Why did I buy?

#1 Tati aka Glam Life Guru reviewed the foundation brush on her YouTube channel and gave it an amazing review. Her first impression video said it all 😱

#2 The gift set was $164 (valued at $204) plus I saved an extra $33 when I used Tati’s affiliate code. Talk about savings!

#3 The packaging was so freaking cute! Reminded me of Too Faced’s holiday gift sets.

#4 They offered a free engraving so now my handy cleansing brush is now “LEX” 😉

Any who, the marketing worked and I caved and bought it. As I was writing this, I noticed it was sold out so that’s comforting to know I wasn’t the only one who was reeled in LOL. The Clarisonic Mia 2 Blend x Cleanse Holiday Gift Set included their best-selling 2-speed face brush in Winter White, the new Sonic Foundation Brush, a Radiance Brush Head, and charger. You can still buy these individually or in other gift set versions.





Watching Tati’s video, she applies the foundation so effortlessly using the new foundation brush and it was mind-blowing how quick and painless application could be! After trying it out for myself, I can validate that it’s really that easy. Literally took me 1-minute for normal coverage and 2-minutes for full coverage. Either way, you finish the foundation portion of your makeup routine without fuss. Totally worth it!

I’ve tried a few cleansers with the Radiance Brush Head and I’m overall really pleased with how it makes my skin feel. It’s timed for 1-minute and has different vibration patterns to signal you when to move from forehead (20 seconds), nose and chin (20 seconds) then cheeks (10 seconds each). Overall, a major timesaver! My foundation was evenly distributing, not patchy at all. A flawless canvas for contouring, blush, highlight, setting powder, etc.

Highly recommend. Now is the best time to try it out their products. They have so many deals and gift sets to choose from and make good holiday gifts too: Hope you’re having a happy holiday!

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