Unboxing + Review: Influenster’s Maybelline Matte Metallics Box

IMG_3139Now Mattes Ignite with Maybelline’s Colorsensational Matte Metallics. I received Molten Bronze and Smoked Silver free from Influenster for testing purposes and sadly I didn’t love them. They look beautiful and initially seemed like the strategic release around Halloween was perfection, but the formula wasn’t there for me.

Smoked Silver (Left) & Molten Bronze (Right)

Of the two shades, Molten Bronze was the best. It wasn’t awful and provided far more coverage than Smoked Silver. It’s a great fall-shade and nice to use as part of a Halloween look. You could definitely find a use for this shade, but I was kinda annoyed with how many layers of this I had to put on for it to look as dark as I wanted it to be.


I was not impressed with Smoked Silver. It was too light of a shade and it felt like no matter how many layers of lipstick you put on, you didn’t achieve any coverage. I probably applied 4-5 layers and still wasn’t able to get the inner parts of my lip. I would definitely recommend using a lip scrub before applying these lipsticks because it accentuates dead skin and chapped lips since the formula is so sheer. It has light coverage so can get clumpy fast and defines any creases on your lips. I had to do a scrub to make the Smoked Silver look a little better. It’s a light lavender color but can’t see how many uses this will have compared to the Bronze.


I really appreciate Influenster’s amazing program because it lets beauty fans test out new products and provide truthful feedback. It’s the worst feeling when you buy an item only to have it not work for you and it’s the best feeling when you get validation from the beauty community that a brand created a fan favorite. If you want to sign up with Influenster and receive products to review, it’s so easy! 😀 Feel free to use my referral link: http://www.influenster.com/r/3051268.

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