Review: Carli Bybel x bhcosmetics Deluxe Palette

Hurricane season, work (and everything in between) briefly distracted me, but I’m back with a good one! Carli Bybel’s collab with bhcosmetics is nothing short of perfection. This palette has traveled with me everyday to work because without those highlighters idk how I’d get through Mondays.

IMG_266315 eyeshadows and 6 highlighters for $22.50. You can purchase directly from, or from an actual Ulta store. It’s so freaking cheap for the quality you’re getting. I never really knew what buttery eyeshadows looked or felt like, but they have a different texture then anything I’ve ever bought. I will say that it’s not the easiest to blend if you’re not careful but, with patience, you can really make it work to create gorgeous looks!

Here are 2 looks I created: glam-ish versus a more natural look

The pinks in this palette are surprisingly beautiful. I’m in no way shape or form a fan of pink so having a pink lid was kinda weird tbh, but I was just loving how awake it made me look.

My favorite highlighter in the palette is the pearl iridescent one because it gives you such a healthy glow. It made me take out my unicorn earrings because the pink shimmer and pearl highlighter complimented it so well!

IMG_2664Overall, this palette is well worth your money. For the price, you really can’t beat it. Mattes, shimmers and glows at your fingertips so why not? PS. Shoutout to all the mommas who fully support your daughter’s craziest dreams. Loving my new MacBook Air especially for blogging and it’s all thanks to mine ❤

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